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Hi! I'm Alyssa, and I'm a dog person.

I'm a native San Diegan happily transplanted in Seattle, because I'm powered by cloudy weather. I love teaching about toxin-free living and essential oils, big doggos, DIY projects, gardening, and British shows.  


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Lavender, Lemon + Peppermint, yo!

Wait a hot second - you haven't heard about essential oils? Do you think I'm taking crazy pills? (Even still, you're probably still just a teensy, weensy bit curious, right?)


Explore clean + cruelty-free makeup

FINALLY, someone made some truly clean cosmetics with no talc, lead, bismuth, or anything else yucky that we don't want on our skin! Hallelujah! 


A toxin-free home? Yup, its possible!

You are quite literally poisoning your family every day with the stuff that you can't pronounce in your home, like your bright blue dish soap and the cleaner you use for your kitchen counters. There is a better way!


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