Most days you can find me in my jammies on my laptop while my husband plays World of Warcraft. Spending time together for us means sitting next to each other on our computers because we are both introverts and understand being alone, but together.

I am mostly known for using a ton for exclamation points. Sometimes I have to go back and edit myself because every sentence ends in one if I'm in a particularly exuberant mood.

People often think I am an outgoing extrovert because I have an excellent outside persona when I need to. I probably should have been an actress.

I'm a generally pretty peppy person but I'm most passionate about my handsome husband David and our doggos Sasha and Sergeant, as well as the adorable little house we recently bought. Building things is my new obsession - just call me Bob the Builder! 



I love helping people who are hoping to live a more natural and clean lifestyle - while still leaving room for real life. Because let's face it, no one's perfect and sometimes you just feel like a big ol' tub of Ben & Jerry's dairy free. I am so lucky that I get to remind them that its ok if life gets in the way and that perfect is the enemy of good.

When I'm not blogging or sharing natural living tips with people, you can probably catch me in a few places: out on the lake kayaking, in my garage making something cool (current project: murphy bed for our guest room), stuck in Seattle traffic on my way to get to the only legit burrito place around, or sitting outside enjoying our backyard, because the novelty that we actually bought a house hasn't worn off yet.

If you're dying to hear more, here are 5 things you might not know about me:

  1. I am a HUGE English history buff, specifically the Tudor era. I have a TON of books on the subject and study up all the time! My party trick is being able to name Henry VIII's 6 wives in order and give you fun facts about each one.
  2. The dogs I have now are my first pets I've ever had. There was a time when I was actually afraid of dogs, and it took one loveable lab of a former boss to melt my cold heart and now I can't imagine my life without some puppers!

Still here?? Lets connect! Feel free to email me - I'd love to hear from you!