3 Benefits of Being Introverted

On the surface, it seems like extroverts have an easier life, doesn’t it? Extroverts are noticed more often, make friends and contacts more easily, and have a simpler time voicing both their ideas and concerns. What’s an introverted person to do when the world seems made for those those who are loud, brash, and seemingly uncaring about the opinion of others? What could possibly be beneficial about being an introvert? Here are three:

  1. Independent and responsible.
    Something that I, and probably other introverts, forget a lot is that there is room in this world for introverts to get ahead, even in the work space where it seems that we are destined to go unnoticed. Employers value the ability to work without ultra close supervision, so they can spend time on business-generating activities instead of micromanaging employees.
    As introverts, we thrive on being left alone to do our work instead of being pulled into meetings, spontaneous coffee breaks, or watercooler chats. While other people are rehashing last night’s Bachelor episode, we are holed up in our cubicle perfecting the proposal we are working on. We are awesome at self-reflection and correcting errors, so whatever comes out of our hands is probably going to be darn-near perfect.

  2. Thoughtful and caring.
    Introverts are really great about recognizing what our loved ones like and storing it away for future use 2 or 10 years down the road. We like to make sure our significant other knows they are cared for and loved. The ability to listen with focus and acuity really lets us pick on things fast-paced people do not. We are typically very sensitive to our surroundings and emotionally intuitive, and this makes us a great friend, if one is able to break into our preferred small circle. Introverts are fiercely loyal to those we care about, and in the event someone causes any kind of harm to our friend, the mama bear claws come out.

  3. Inward focus of motivation.
    Introverts are incredibly lucky, because we are motivated by things that come from within, and not from any kind of social expectation or something someone says. We aren’t as interested in chasing external status symbols, and we get a greater sense of accomplishment by meeting an internal goal. Because we are so inwardly focused, its usually difficult to hear us say we are bored, because we can have our own internal adventures. Introverts are more likely to be happy staying home drawing or reading a new book on a Saturday night than going out for drinks at a noisy bar for the 4th week in a row.

What are some things that you think are awesome about introverts?

Alyssa Johnson