3+ Legitimate Ways to Make Money From Home

Why is it that just when it feels like you're finally getting control of your budget or finances, does the dog need expensive arthritis treatment, or you find out you didn't figure out your tax withholdings quite so carefully after all and may now owe a large tax bill, or you have to buy an expensive bridesmaid dress? (Or maybe all three!)

I know there are so many people out there who are either looking to bring in a small amount of extra money each month, or even replace an income to make up for a lost job or to stay home with the kids. Its hard sometimes to sort through opportunities that are legitimate and those that are scams.

I am working for a few real companies that bring in some extra month each month, so I can verify that these are genuine.


If you are just looking to bring in a couple hundred dollars a month with a very minimal time investment (5 or less hours per week), Leapforce is a fantastic option. Because I have signed a non-disclosure agreement with them, I cannot get into specifics about the work, but I CAN share that it is very simple, and social media related. You need to have Chrome installed on your computer (both Mac and PC are ok) to work with Leapforce. There are other projects you can apply to to increase your earning potential as well. Leapforce is a great choice for someone who wants to put in just a minimum of effort with a minimal time commitment.


If you enjoy writing, OneSpace is for you! I have also signed a non-disclsure agreement with them, but my work at OneSpace involves writing product copy for major retailers, researching and answering questions for a question and answer site, and there is even some transcription work available. OneSpace pays on a per-task basis, so the fast you complete them, the more you can earn!

Young Living Independent Distributor

If you are REALLY looking to bring in a replacement income while working from home, exploring a business as a Young Living Independent Distributor could be for you. Are you are interested in removing toxic chemicals from your home and helping your family live above the wellness line? Sharing the amazing benefits of Young Living essential oils with others honestly comes naturally once you experience them for yourself. So many people in Young Living have started “accidental businesses” just because they couldn’t stop sharing what the oils have done for them, and Young Living sends a thank you check just for sharing. I will go more in-depth on Young Living in Thursday’s post, but if you are ready to learn more about creating a residual income NOW, head on over here to read more!

Other Legitimate Work-at-Home Opportunities

I am a member of a fantastic Facebook group that independently vets work-at-home opportunities before posting. These include customer service positions with companies such as Disney, Amazon, hotel chains, etc, virtual tax preparers at Intuit, researching, medical coding, etc. Request to join the Virtual Employment Opportunities group to get started with a great work-at-home job!

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