3 Tips for Booking More Weddings From Instagram

I remember back in the early 2000's, when social media was just becoming a thing. It was really easy to impress brides by just throwing up some images on our Facebook page an calling it a day. It was a radical new way to communicate with potential clients and as long as you had a Facebook page, you were pretty much guaranteed to get leads from it, because it was so novel.

These days, its a completely different ball game. Brides and grooms are getting hit left and right with wedding photos. What is going to make them pick you out of a crowd on social media? In a sea of other similar vendors, they will make their choice based on price, all things being equal.

But you're not equal. You are special and have unique talents to bring to a wedding that only you can bring. How do you communicate that to potential clients via Instagram?

Gone are the days of being able to just put up images of the weddings you've done...you need to stand out and differentiate so brides and grooms will want to choose YOU, even if you charge more than the next vendor down the road.

Here are 3 ways you can stand out above the crowd (Goofy Movie reference anyone?) and book more weddings from Instagram:

how to book brides from instagram

Post something else besides images from past weddings. 

I know, brides DO need to see your past work, but they can see more of that on your blog and website. You want to get them to connect with YOU, because that is what you are offering them. Sure you are selling them your photography, or cakes, or planning services, but you are selling those things from your unique perspective, and the way that only you can do them. Prospective clients want to learn more about what makes you you, and posting things other than wedding work helps them do that. 

In addition, when you post something other than weddings, you are more easily able to attract potential clients before they are even engaged. Give them a reason to follow you beforehand, and by the time they need you, you will be the first one they think of. Even if they are already engaged, "bride" or "groom" is not their only identity, and they will appreciateseeing something a little different o your feed.

Tell a meaningful story when you do post wedding photos

For the days when you do post wedding work, make sure you aren't just posting a photo with a short caption like, "bride + groom had an amazing day!" You want to dig in to the meat of the photo. Did the bride's bouquet have a charm from her grandmother on it? Did their first dance song have a meaningful story behind it? Tell that story!

The couple doesn't necessarily want to see pretty pictures of other people's weddings, because that doesn't elicit an emotional response. But a picture of the bride's dress with a story about the moment she knew it was "the one"? Gold. Your prospective bride will feel herself in that same moment, finding her own dress.

Engage with other wedding vendors on Instagram

This is a biggie, especially for photographers, but is still applicable to other vendors out there - use Instagram to build your relationships with other vendors at your weddings! Post some of their work, or a behind the scenes photo, tag them, and share a story about how amazing they were and what it was like to work with them on the day. You'll not only help out another vendor and make it more likely that they will refer you, but you'll show brides and grooms how great it can be to hire a team that gets along and works together to make their day a success.

Bottom line

Remember that Instagram is the long game - you're not going to start collecting new clients immediately after you change up your strategy, but you will start building your following and know that you're on your way to Instagram becoming a better source of referrals for you.

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