Top 3 awesome benefits of bone broth you need to know

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger, nothing was better than a nice, hot bowl of chicken soup when I was sick as a kid. For some reason, in the midst of all the sniffles, coughs, and chills, the soup was so comforting and soothing, and made me feel like I was on the mend. Did you ever have that feeling when you were sick?

I love this easy to understand guide to the top benefits of bone broth - great for those with IBS, digestive disorders, new moms, people with sore joint...the list goes on!

Turns out, there is something to that!

You might have heard about bone broth being all the rage lately, with celebrities and countless bloggers and health experts shouting from the rooftops about how great it is, but what does it really do? And is there any research behind it?

Immune System Support

Everyone is concerned about their immune systems, especially during cold a flu season. The good news is that adding bone broth to your diet on a regular basis can help support yours! Chicken soup was found to inhibit inflammation, which is super supportive to your immune system response, particularly for colds and flus. 

Another awesome immune-related benefit of bone broth is that it is FANTASTIC for helping support your body’s natural detoxification system, aka your liver. It does a really, really good job of filtering out toxins and yucky junk, but in this crazy, toxin-filled world we live in, they can easily get overwhelmed and run down. And when that happens, we end up with systems in our body that don’t run optimally, including our immune system. Bone broth is kind of like getting new oil in your car….sure, it works with old oil, but it runs so much more smoothly and efficiently after an oil change, not to mention the boost in gas mileage. Think of bone broth as your body’s oil. 

Joint Health

Even though I’m “only” 32, I still have mornings, especially when its cold, when I get out of bed and my joints are not too happy with me, especially if I had a particularly brutal workout the day before. I can only imagine that as I get older, those minor, infrequent pains will become more common, especially with my already genetically bad knees. 

Now is the time to help slow that down! Bone broth once again comes to the rescue as a form of oil to help our bodies run more smoothly and efficiently. Although our bodies can absolutely create their own substances for joint lubrication and health, this is only when our bodies are functioning optimally. As mentioned above, when we are exposed to toxin after toxin, day after day, our body’s ability to do what it was made to do is severely diminished, to the point where we begin breaking down long before we should.

If you’re in for a pretty sciency, longer read, check out this fantastic post from the Weston A Price foundation about all the ways bone broth can aid in joint health and recovery. What it boils down to is that bone broth helps make sure our bodies absorb all the necessary nutrients to keep our joints healthy and happy. There are a ton of amino acids, nutrients, and other components like collagen and gelatin that we just don’t get enough of in our normal diets that are readily available in bone broth.

You have to stick with it though - you won’t see results overnight, especially with this one. I saw a post once from someone who tried drinking bone broth for a week. A week! Think about how long it takes to repair a bone fracture, or even heal a torn tendon or ripped cartilage. This is something that will take quite awhile (I would say 6 months is reasonable), but once it does, its so easy to maintain optimal joint health! 

Good Gut Health

Who isn’t talking about gut health these days? The notion of most disease beginning in the gut is starting to take hold even in more mainstream doctor’s offices. That is an entire post in itself, but bone broth can help here too! 

Not only can bone broth help with dairy sensitivities, but it can help support the healing of things like leaky gut, due to it’s high gelatin content. Gelatin can be anti inflammatory and supportive of gut and intestinal health, as found in a recent study. Dr. Campbell McBride, who wrote, Gut and Psychology Syndrome says that gelatin is helpful for “healing and sealing” the gut and reversing leaky gut.

Collagen is another really important nutrient found in bone broth and linked to gut health. Studies have found that in people with inflammatory bowel disease, collagen in the intestinal tract is markedly decreased. Collagen contains a lot of supportive amino acids that help build the tissues that line the colon, so bone broth can be extremely supportive for colon health.

As someone who’s husband struggles with IBS, I’m always researching for additional ways I can help support his gut health, and that’s what initially led me to really take the idea of bone broth seriously. I hate jumping on the bandwagon with natural health claims (it took me a solid year of research before I even jumped into essential oils!) so I like to make sure I’ve completely done my research before I even think about posting about something here. So, rest assured, anything you read here will be solidly backed with a ton of research, and, you may have noticed, I always include links to where you can find out more on your own in case you’re like me and a summary post isn’t enough. :)

Have you ever tried bone broth? What do you think of it??