How to make your own nontoxic hand soap


The last bottle of hand soap I bought for my bathroom left my hands dry, cracked, and actually peeling at one point this past winter. I thought, "there has to be a better way!" So I did a little experimenting, and came up with a great DIY hand soap recipe that isn't drying and leaves hands squeaky clean!

But first, why on earth would you want to make your own soap when you can just run to the store and grab a bottle with antibacterial properties? Take a look at this:

the problem with hand soap

You can see that even the FDA, known for lax standards, recommends not even bothering with antibacterial soaps, because 1) They don't have any benefits over washing with regular soap and 2) they usually contain harmful ingredients such as Triclosan and Parabens. Not to mention they are dangerous to our natural environment-wastewater treatment facilities can't eliminate all of these chemicals, so they end up in our oceans and streams! The American Medical Association also recommends not to use Triclosan in the home, as it encourages antibacterial resistance.

DIY nontoxic hand soap

There is an easy (and super cheap!) way to avoid those issues altogether, with just a few ingredients mixed in a pretty bottle. Making your own hand soap is super easy, and honestly, I feel like my hands have never been cleaner! Just a small pump of this soap and you really can feel the clean difference in your hands.

DIY Hand Soap


  • 1 cup castile soap (I use and recommend this kind)
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 10-15 drops essential oil (I love Lemon in this!)
  • Glass soap pump jar (I like this one!)


Mix all ingredients together and pour into soap container. I like to give it a small swirl with each use. One pump is definitely enough with this!

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Super easy non-toxic hand soap recipe. Going to make this tonight!