The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for Health Nuts

Sometimes you have the one person on your list that is just SO HARD to shop for….amiright? Every year you pore over what you’ve gotten them in the past and what you could possibly get them this year that might have any semblance of usefulness to them. Sometimes, that person is the super health nut that you know. You know they are totally into clean foods and organic products, but how does that help you, when they already have 4 yoga mats and a lifetime membership to a barre place??

Luckily, I’m here to rescue! This list covers most price points, and you should find something even the most hardcore health nut might not have. Most of these are also really good ideas for nearly anyone on your list-who wouldn’t be happy to get something that makes them healthier and feel better??

The best lift of gifts for the super healthy people on your list - this is good for any event, not just Christmas! Pinning now so I have it for later!

Let's get to the list!

These super amazing workout leggings HAVE A POCKET FOR YOUR PHONE!! Are you kidding me??? I love this!! One of my least favorite things is going out for a walk, hike, or run and not having anywhere to put my phone but keeping it in my hands. This is life-changing for people like me who track distance with their phones!


Ever since I bought these Bluetooth sport earbuds, working out in my apartment's gym has been so much easier. I use Fitness Blender's workout videos so its virtually impossible to have connected headphones and also watch the videos at the same time. And, you don't want to be "that guy" in the gym with sound blasting from your phone. So these are awesome, and not stupid, like the wireless Apple ones are.


If your giftee doesn't have access to a community gym like I do in my apartment and still wants to get a really great workout from home, consider these Power Block Dumbells. They are super convenient and compact, so they don't take up a ton of space, and are like having a huge set of dumbells in one. Totally killer. 


Something your intended giftee might not even realize they want or need is a sit/stand desk! All of our daily sitting is really wreaking havoc on our bodies and considerably shortening our lifespans. Unfortunately most people don't get enough other activity during the day to counter the effects of sitting, and many end up with neck, shoulder, and back pain. This Sit Stand Desk Riser is a great interim solution between sitting all day and buying a full sit/stand desk (which I'm currently in the process of getting, and will write a post about in the coming months.)


For people who do sit a lot though, this Massage chair cushion is a FANTASTIC gift. I got one for my husband one year as he suffers from chronic back pain, and he uses it all the time and absolutely loves it. I've used it some too, and it really is impressive how the chair is able to really dig into some spots. It reminds me of the big ones you sit in while getting a pedicure.


For the person who seems like they always have a heating pad on one part of their body or another, I suggest an Infrared heating pad. Like a regular heating pad on steroids, infrared pads are able to drive the heat deeper into your muscles without feeling hotter, they provide pain relief without drugs, help your body eliminate toxins because of increased blood flow, and help you sleep better because relief lasts longer. Sounds good to me!


I only just recently heard of these little devices, when a friend's mom told my husband about it to help with his neck and back pain. She loved it so much that she ran out to her car and grabbed it so he could try it, and he LOVED it right away. A TENS Unit sends out tiny electronic pulses that make your muscles move microscopically, basically giving you a deep tissue massage. PERFECT! Chiropractors frequently have similar devices in their office and use this therapy often. Now you can buy it for someone who has a lot of back or neck pain, and they will totally love you for it.


I actually have one of these bad boys on my own Christmas list this year, because they are so awesome. I am the queen of crockpot cooking, but an Instant Pot takes even that up to the next level. I'm so excited about the possibilities of this for helping me prepare fresh, whole, healthy meals for us in a fraction of the time, and its still as simple as crockpot cooking. The healthy foodie in your life will love you for this.


I've been using Glass food storage since we got married; I even had them on our wedding registry, and nearly 3 years later, they are still holding up great! There are so many problems with storing leftovers in plastic, especially when you microwave them, one of which is petrochemicals in plastic leeching into your food when it gets warm. YUCK. Help a healthy nut in your life just say no to plastic, and get them some glass storage. They will thank you!


Similar to the above mentioned problems with storing food in plastic, there are also huge issues with plastic water bottles, and all the chemicals that water leeches from plastic. GROSS. Help your healthy friend or family member stay safely hydrated at all times with this Glass water bottle set. Way better than just 1, because we all know we lose things like this really easily. Oh wait....that's just me?? Oops. Still better safe than sorry, I say! 


I mean, you'd have to REALLY love the person you're buying for to get this, but I had to include it because its every smoothie drinker's holy grail of blenders....the mighty Vitamix! I've wanted one of these for just about as long as I can remember, but have never pulled the trigger. When I was a barista years ago, we had these and I was always so amazed at how powerful they were. They just didn't stop and didn't break. You can also make things like soups and other healthy, whole foods with these if you don't have a food processor. Like I said, you'll have to love the person you are buying for a whole bunch, but this would make an amazing gift.


I love love love my Cast iron skillet, and most people would too if they knew how to care for it correctly. It sounds scary, but isn't at all, and you can be 100% sure that no teflon or other toxic nonstick coating is making its way into your food. Plus, it just cooks so evenly and quickly, and you can fit so much in it! This is another great gift for the health foodie or avid camper in your life.


I will admit, I have yet to jump on the kombucha train, even though I know it SO GOOD for gut health, but if someone gave me this Kombucha Starter Kit, I'd probably do it. There are just too many good reasons not to, and absolutely anyone will benefit from drinking their kombucha. (If you're curious about why its so good for you, listen to this episode of the Essential Oil Revolution Podcast to find out all the amazing benefits!)


If you are buying for someone that has kids, a really fun gift is an Avocado tree starter kit, assuming you live in the right climate to grow an avocado tree, of course! When we lived in San Diego, we were gifted a young tree as a housewarming present, and it was so much fun to watch it grow, and eat avocados right from our own tree. Granted it will take years for a tree grown from a it to bear fruit, but what a fun science experiment/lesson for kids to learn all about plants and how to grow healthy foods!


The ultimate in healthy gifting is the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils. There is probably an oil included that would be perfect for anyone on your list. Are you shopping for someone who wants to have healthy, radiant looking skin so they feel gorgeous, even without makeup? Or maybe someone who has a crazy, hectic life and is looking to have more energy so they don't feel run down and overwhelmed all the time? Or just maybe you're shopping for someone who has trouble getting enough rest at night and is in desperate need of sleep and relaxation so they feel ready to tackle whatever life brings. All that and more is found in the Premium Starter Kit! If you don't want to give a whole kit to someone, its incredibly easy to break it up among all of the people on your list. Here's how: