Busting Excuses: How to Workout at Home With No Equipment

I am a sweat-er when I work out. Not in one of those glamorous "I glisten!" type of ways, but full on sweat dripping, super red faced for hours types. I just have always been that way. I also am a super heavy breather, which, while doesn't bother me physically, is pretty attention grabbing and makes me extremely self conscious around others to the point when I don't work as hard as I could/should be. Because of that, and also because I am extremely cheap, I am NOT a gym person.

I do my workouts at home. Before we bought our house, we lived in a brand new apartment building with an on-site gym. I would go very early morning or very late at night to avoid people for the reasons mentioned above, but it was fantastic because it had all the freeweights I needed. We are currently figuring out how to make one of our extra bedrooms a home gym/guest room, but in the meantime, I am equipment-less.

In the past, I would have bought into this particular excuse, saying that I couldn't get a good workout in without any equipment, so why even bother?

Have you found yourself making the same excuse? No more! I've found the 5 best workout programs you can do at home with ZERO equipment. (The only thing you might want is a mat or other padding if you've got hardwood floors....pushups etc can be hard on your joints with no padding!)


Fitness Blender 4 Week Bodyweight Program

I've written about Fitness Blender before in my favorite free workout videos before, but did you know they also put together really well-priced programs for people like me who want to make sure they get a well-rounded workout? If you're confident in putting together your own routine, use their search function to sort by "no equipment" and have at it! But I have been finding that I am really enjoying the structure of their 4 Week Bodyweight program, and its well worth the $10 I paid for it, especially because you can use it over and over again. 

Convict Conditioning

I know, I know. This sounds really off the wall, but hear my out. The next book I plan on purchasing when I finish up with the Fitness Blender program is called Convict Conditioning, written by an ex-con. I've never heard anything but stellar reviews about it, and it makes sense! Sometimes for show, and largely as a coping mechanism, people in prison learn how to make do with the limited environment they have to stay in shape and gain strength, and that's the basis for this book. One of the most convincing reviews of the book was someone who updated his review 2 years later with, "I still don't miss weight training. For me Calisthenics have given me much better results without the injuries/aches and pains." You won't get huge, ripped muscles with this program, but if what you're after is amazing functional strength for real life, this is what you need.

You Are Your Own Gym

Another book I've seen extremely highly reviewed is You Are Your Own Gym, which is similar in concept to Convict Conditioning, but is written by a special ops fitness trainer. Its more of an encyclopedia for exercises rather than a detailed workout plan, and is based on progression of strength, so this is a great option for the more plan it yourself crowd. As with Convict Conditioning, I've heard nothing but great things about this one-I just need the structure of a pre-made plan.

BeFIT TV Bootcamps

Back to videos-if you need a free option, you really can't go wrong with BeFIT TV's bootcamps! There's several programs to choose from depending on your goals, and the best part is that because its all on YouTube, its free!

Jessica Smith Barre Workouts

A recent favorite workout of mine is Jessica Smith's barre....flexibility and strength blended into a beautiful, but difficult, workout flow. The moves closely resemble ballet moves, but don't let it fool you-your legs will be shaking like crazy when you're done because you worked them so well. All I use for these workouts is a chair for stability, as they are done at a ballet bar in a group setting. Try this one out to shake things up!