Your Household Products Could Be Killing You - And What You Can Do About It

I LOVE me a good coupon and sale deal.

There is just something about walking out of the store with bags full of free and super cheap products that makes me feel on top of the world, and to be honest, a little smug. Like I know a secret most people don’t know and have totally just hacked my grocery shopping. There was one time I walked out of Target after using store coupons, manufacturer coupons, Target’s cartwheel app, and the Target Debit card (5% automatic savings) with $100 worth of groceries and toiletries for something like $12!

That all changed when I started researching healthier living.

How to remove toxic chemicals from the house

Did you know that fumes from cleaning products can induce asthma in otherwise healthy adults? Or that 232 toxic chemicals are found in the average US newborn’s cord blood? We are talking about brand new humans that have barely taken their first breath having hundreds of different toxins in their blood before they are even born! Even the makeup we put on our skin is full of phthalates, which have been linked to reproductive and developmental problems in animals.

These are things we are using every day, folks! That is scary!

Over 80,000 different chemicals that are not proven safe, are used in products sold in the United States. Some are even known to be dangerous, but are still in use! When you really dig into the vast number of highly toxic chemicals that surround us, it can seem like a losing battle, and you might even wonder why you should bother. I mean, check out these statistics:

household toxin stats

There is hope!

Even though we can do nothing about the chemicals we encounter outside of our home and at work, we CAN do something about the toxic junk that is in our homes to help reduce our overall toxin load.

But where do you start?

Do you want to make your home safer for your children?

Would you be interested in increasing your own health and wellness by making simple product swaps?

Are you overwhelmed at the idea of researching and replacing the toxic chemicals in your home?

As for me, I no longer use my coupons to buy products with toxic chemicals, no matter how cheap they are, unless I plan to donate it. I have found that making my own replacement products is so much cheaper in addition to being better for us.

I hope you’ll join us in the challenge! If you join late, fear not! Posts will be numbered by day so you can catch up!

Easy 30 day challenge to get toxins out of your home. Joining this ASAP!