How to make your own smelly room spray

"No! Come back!!" I yelled, as the dogs tore through the house, soaking wet from the rain outside, before I had a chance to dry them off. "Crap", I thought. Now the house was going to smell like wet dog.

Everyone with kids, or dogs, or bathrooms knows how stinky the house can get. Usually, the first instinct is to light a candle or grab the room spray. I've already gotten into the dangers of commercial candles, but I only touched on room sprays in that post. Also, check out below the recipe for a link to get my entire 30 day guide to a natural home!

DIY natural room spray

Did you know that Febreeze contains over 80 known toxic chemicals, including genotoxins, neurotoxins, reproductive toxins, bronchoconstrictors, hepatotoxins, and mutagenic chemicals? A 2014 study found a strong link between phthalates (frequently in air fresheners) during pregnancy and the child’s future risk of asthma.

Were you aware that wax melts use petroleum-based wax? (Petroleum is used to make gasoline!) They contain diethyl phthalate, which can cause irritation to the nose, eyes, throat, and respiratory system. Many of them claim to be all natural, but I have honestly never come across a plant that smelled like birthday cake!

Luckily, this one isan easy swap to make. With my DIY natural smelly room spray, you are not exposed to any nasty chemicals or toxins, and you get the added benefit of the therapeutic qualities of essential oils. Plus, its MUCH cheaper to make this than it is to buy a premade spray from the store.

A quick spritz of this and your house will smell amazing, even after wet dogs rub themselves all over your carpets!

Natural smelly room spray

DIY Natural Smelly Room Spray


  • 4 oz small colored glass spray bottle — like these
  • 1 Tbsp isopropyl alcohol 
  • Distilled water
  • Oils of your choice, I suggest: Purification, Lavender, or Lemon
  • Labels  to decorate jar — I like these chalkboard labels.


  • Add 20 drops of essential oil to the bottle
  • Add alcohol to spray bottle
  • Top off with water
  • Shake well and use as needed
  • Decorate and label jar

smelly room spray.png