How to make your own nontoxic glass cleaner

"I can't believe there is so much slobber all over the windows again!" I thought, as I sprayed and scrubbed one more time. I coughed as I inhaled some of the Windex I was using and thought "there has to be a better way."

DIY Non toxic window cleaner recipe

I've gone through my fair share of glass cleaner, thanks to my wonderful dogs, and I can't count the number of times I've had to hold my breath or step away when spraying it because I would cough and get a tingling feeling in my chest when breathing it in.

This makes sense, given the number of crazy toxic chemicals that are in various brands of glass cleaner. Ammonia (causes violent coughing, lung irritation, and even death if exposure is too long and higher), Isobutane (can cause frostbite if the liquid evaporates rapidly, as well as respiratory failure), and Ethanol/SD Alcohol 40 (causes irritation of eyes and respiratory tract) are just a few of the scary things we are exposed to when cleaning our windows with store-bought cleaners.

There is definitely a better way-make your own with non-toxic ingredients!

This DIY glass cleaner has no ingredients you can't pronounce, and won't irritate your eyes, throat, or lungs during use. I recommend using old newspapers to clean the windows...they'll leave that streak-free shine everyone wants!

DIY Non-toxic Glass Cleaner

diy window cleaner


1.5 cup water
1/4 cup white vinegar
3-4 drops Lemon essential oil (Where to buy)
Glass spray bottle (Where to buy)


Pour into bottle and shake to blend. Spray liberally on windows and buff to shine with old newspapers (recommended) or a cloth.

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I love this super simple DIY glass and window cleaner recipe! Still cleans without all the toxins! Totally making this today!