3 Ways to Have More Than One Link in Your Instagram Bio

Did you know that you only get ONE teeny, valuable, link on Instagram that is actually clickable? Have you ever wanted to change it to something relevant for a short period of time but found the whole process cumbersome, especially with longer links? 

There are absolutely times you'll want to change up what's linked in your Instagram bio and also times you'll want people to have a chance to go to more than one link.

Great list of tools that let you put more than one link in your Instagram bio (which turns out is really important for marketing on Instagram the right way!)

Here are 3 great tools you can use to get it done:

How to set up Linktree

My favorite third party tool, and the one that I use right now is Linktree. Its simple, easy-to-use interface makes adding and organizing your links a piece of cake, and you also get some analytics with the pro version (although I use the free one, and it still tells you how many times each link has been clicked.)

Here's how to get started with Linktree:

  1. Head on over to their website
  2. Log in with your Instagram credentials (you can't manage multiple handles from one account right now, but its not been a huge hindrance for me)
  3. On the top right will be a customizable short link for you to copy and paste into your Instagram profile's website section
  4. Add links via the dashboard, choose your color scheme, and you're off and running!

Here's what my dashboard looks like inside Linktree:

Linktree dashboard

When you add your links to your dashboard, Linktree will also show you a preview of what it will look like on someone's phone when they tap your bio link. Here's my preview from the dashboard:

Linktree live preview

Its really easy to drag and drop to change the order of your links, to turn their visibility on or off, and to delete them entirely. I really love how much they've included in a free product.

Linktree vs. Lnk.bio

Lnk.bio is very similar to Linktree, with great free options (minus the free custom URL), but the main difference here is the paid agency version, for people managing more than one Instagram account. This could be for you if you have a personal and a wedding business account, or maybe you have different accounts for your wedding and commercial brands...the agency version of Lnk.bio is for you.

Pricing starts as little as $1.99 a month for 3 accounts, which I think is super reasonable. You can manage all of your accounts on one screen, and if you happen to manage for someone else, you can do so without needing their password, which can be pretty powerful


For anyone who wants to actually sell physical products through Instagram (maybe albums, prints, etc), you should consider Linkin.bio from Later. If you are using their paid plan (starting at $16 per month) you get this feature automatically. 

You can use Linkin.bio to send visitors right to your shopping page. When a user clicks your bio link, they are taken to a landing page that looks very similar to your Instagram feed. When they are on this page, any photo they click will take them to your product page for that image. 

Confused as to how that could look for you? Check out this great roundup that Later did about the 3 different ways brands are using and having success with their Linkin.bio tool.

What links should I be including?

Now that you have a tool to let you expand the precious single link Instagram real estate, what do you link to with it?

You should always include your actual website, that's a given. I always recommend linking to your free content opt-in to get people to subscribe to your emails, and I also like to include at the very top the last thing I was talking about in my feed. For example, if I'm sharing a photo with a caption for a great business tool I use, I will hashtag it with #linkinbio and put the link to that tool as the top link in my Linktree list. Then next time I want to link to something, I will delete it and replace it with the next thing.

For wedding professionals, this could look like changing your top link to a new blog post when you share a new wedding, or linking to a great wedding planning tool that brides could benefit from. If you don't have an email opt-in freebie yet, think about creating one that helps brides and grooms out with a major wedding pain point related to your niche, and link to that.

My final note on this will be to not link to too many things with whichever tool you choose, or people will get overwhelmed and choose none. Its like being handed the menu at Cheesecake Factory vs walking into In N Out - paralyzed by all the choices or being able to pick out exactly what you want because the menu is short and to the point. (Except for the secret In N Out menu - try getting your double double cut in half with an extra slice of cheese. Life changing!)

Great list of tools that let you put more than one link in your Instagram bio (which turns out is really important for wedding vendors marketing on Instagram the right way!)