How To Use Trello to Organize Blog Posts

Tell me if you've ever been this person: you are out and about, and an amazing idea for a blog post, but never write it down? Then of course when you sit down to write it later, you, of course, can't remember what it was. Or, when you had that idea you wrote it down on a scratch piece of paper and shoved it in your purse, never to be found again.

Sound familiar? Yeah, me too.

Enter Trello. Trello has CHANGED MY LIFE when it comes to blogging. Its a desktop as well as a mobile app that excels at project management. You can use it for a ton of things in your business, but today I'm going to share how I use it for organizing my blog posts.

Trello blog organizing.png

Trello Boards

Each project or topic you want to organize should have its own board. For example, I have a board for each of my clients, one for my blog posts, one for my social media, etc. You can have as many as you want - but today we'll focus on the Blog board.

Trello Lists

Lists are what goes inside of your boards, and they are kind of like mini to do lists. 


You can see inside of this snapshot of my Blog board that I have an ideas list, as well as drafts, queue, and published. Here's the great thing about lists -  you can sign in right from your phone when you have a great idea when you're out and about and it'll go right to your blog board - no more losing or forgetting your amazing ideas!

Trello Cards

In each list are what's called cards. For my ideas list above, each blog topic idea gets put on its own card. You can organize the heck out of cards, which is one of my favorite features. I like to use colored labels that correspond to the categories of my blog so I can easily see what I've been talking about a lot and what might need more attention.

Organize blog with Trello

You can also collaborate with others on posts, which is great for guest posting or working with a VA, assign, a due date, use a checklist, and more. I don't use these features so much on my own boards, but they are really helpful on my client boards.

Calendar View

Trello has a great calendar view that's especially helpful for blog posts too. Its nice to have an overall view of what you've been posting so you have an idea of where to go next.

Trello Calendar View

I use this view a lot on my client boards as well, so I am better able to plan out my days and weeks. This would be a great use case for a product or course launch too!

Take a peek at Trello if you haven't already - I bet you'll be pleasantly surpised at the difference it makes!

Organize blog with Trello.png