How to Overcome Fear of Flying with Valor

Crowds, lines, and strangers taking xrays of my body I can deal with, no problem. That's not the part of the flying experience that terrifies me....its the actual flying. 

how to overcome fear of flying

I know that it is quite illogical to be afraid that every little bump in the sky means the plane is about to drop to the earth. I know that turbulence is similar to bumps in the road and that's how I should think about them. It makes absolutely no difference to my that flying is safer than driving. 

I just don't like it.

Sweaty, tummy in knots, many bathroom trips....this has been my normal flying experience of the past. I just plain don't like it, and honestly can't wrap my brain around the fear. Living away from both of our families back in San Diego means that we go back frequently, and that I've got many flight opportunities each year. I have always dreaded this part of the experience.

And then last month, everything changed.


If you're not familiar with the essential oil blend called Valor, then you won't know why last month was so huge. Due to the unsustainability of rosewood oil (the species has become endangered) Young Living spent nearly 2 years with one of its most popular oils out of stock, until they could be sure that not only was a sustainable alternative to Rosewood found, but that the oil would have the exact same therapeutic properties as the original. Last month, that happened!

Valor went out of stock right when I became interested in essential oils, so I'd never had the opportunity to use it. As soon as it came back last month, I grabbed a bottle so I could try it out on my flight-and did it ever come through!

I was calm and collected throughout both of our flights, even when we hit some moderate turbulence. Normally I would have been freaking out and grabbing my husband's arm while white knuckling the seat. This time-nothing. I just kept right on watching my movie. I can't begin to explain the hows or whys of it-I knew that the plane was bouncing, but I just didn't care. I imagine this is just how most regular people feel while flying.

This is a BIG DEAL, you guys. I've always been afraid of traveling, even though I want to see other places, because of flying, and that's always been the thing stopping me. I've been teased, and talked down to, and told I was foolish for being so afraid of flying...and I don't have to be anymore!

Want to know how you can have a better flight experience? Here's what I did:

Alyssa's Have a Great Flight Protocol

  • 24 hours before takeoff, apply 1 drop to each inner wrist, rub together, and take some deep inhales
  • Every 3 hours until you get to the airport, repeat the above step while adding and additional drop behind each ear, on the small bone located there
  • Once at the airport, time to kick this into overdrive and apply as needed for an extra boost of confidence and empowerment before boarding. I found for me, this was every 15 minutes or so.
  • Once boarded, keep your bottle out and handy to sniff during takeoff and if needed on flight

Once we were in the air, I didn't find the need to reapply during the entire flight, even during turbulence. Your mileage may vary, of course!

Now sit back, and enjoy the flight!

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how to overcome fear of flying