13 Foolproof DIY Summer Wedding Manicures


When I was married, I always had one major regret about my wedding - my hideously bright blue/turquoise manicure I’d gotten the night before. It was supposed to have matched one of our wedding colors, but I had gotten all flustered at he salon with so much pressure to pick a color, and didn’t think about how the bright blue would look in photos. It was ALL you could see in any photo of my hands!! I was horrified when we got the pictures back because the nails stole the show, and not in a good way.

I wish I had had time beforehand to really look at the colors, not the night before my wedding, in a no pressure environment (read: my home) and do a trial run way in advance knowing I’d still have the same shade . Too bad Color Street didn’t exist in 2014!

I ADORE helping brides and their wedding party find the perfect nail look for their wedding and taking the pressure off!

Wedding Nails!!! All my girls RAVED about how easy they were to apply and how great they looked!! I’m in LOVE with these, thank you Alyssa for recommending Arctic evening and Tinsel Town!!!
— Past Bride Sherry

Here are some fantastic looks and inspiration for summer wedding manicures this year!

DIY Wedding Nails
Swiss and Tell2.png

Swiss + Tell

Swiss + Tell, Coming Up Rose Gold.jpg

Swiss + Tell

and Coming Up Rose Gold

Tokyo LIghts.jpg

Tokyo Lights

Manchester Mauve + Tokyo Lights.jpg

Manchester Mauve

+ Tokyo Lights



Marsielle Ballet.jpg

Marseille Ballet

Himilayan Salt + Coming Up Rose Gold.jpg

Himalayan Salt

+ Coming Up Rose Gold

At The Plaza + Shangri La.jpg

At The Plaza

+ Shangri-La

Caribbean Coral + Dripping In Diamonds.jpg

Caribbean Coral

+ Dripping in Diamonds

Navada Neon2.png

Nevada Neon

Home Sleet Home.jpg

Home Sleet Home

Capitol Hill.jpg

Capitol Hill

Tokyo Twinkle.jpg

Tokyo Twinkle

Never heard of Color Street? They are 100% nail polish strips that go on almost dry in about 10 minutes for a full mani with no heat or special tools needed. Bonus - they last up to 14 days, so you can keep your nails looking amazing all fall long! Request a free accent nail sample HERE

Alyssa Johnson