The 5 Essential Oils You Need For Buying a House

I'm about to say something that's pretty obvious: 

Buying a house is stressful!

I mean, I realized that in theory, but you really aren't prepared for what it really means until you are setting up your earnest money wire transfer and watching thousands of dollars fly out of your bank account.

In Seattle right now especially, the market is such that in order to get a house, you have to pay over asking, waive all of your offer contingencies (financing, appraisal, and inspection), and go see houses nearly immediately after they are listed. There are some people I know who have been searching for over a year without being able to find a house.


Our House Story

Back in mid-February, we were thinking about where to live next, as our apartment lease was ending at the end of April. My husband did some quick calculations, and we realized that given the 10%+ annual home price increase in Seattle, it just made more financial sense to buy now instead of renting. 


We found an AMAZING real estate agency called Fly Homes that we literally could not have done this without. Not even 2 weeks elapsed from the night we initially sat down with them until we had an offer accepted, which is completely unheard of in this market, and it was only possible with their help. (They also have offices in San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago if you don't live in Seattle!) The biggest bonus of working with Fly Homes? You get airline miles after you close, a mile for every dollar of your purchase price, as a gift from them! So we didn't have to choose between buying a house and taking our dream trips. Of course, this is just a bonus-the real prize was getting a house so quickly, AND under asking, in our crazy market.

In the week and a half we spent touring homes and signing offers, we looked at 10 homes and put in 2 rejected offers before having our offer accepted on our home. My husband and I completely fell in love with one house that was absolutely perfect, only for it to sell for nearly $100k over the list price and $20k over what we had even offered, which was our strech max. Talk about emotional! I had already been making plans in my head of where our furniture would go and what rooms we would be using for what. 

I probably wouldn't have gotten through those 12 days as well as I did without my emotional support oils constantly on a diffuser necklace around my neck or honestly sometimes just sniffed from the bottle. In no particular order, here are the essential oils I used to help me make it through the house buying process:

1. Stress Away - Kind of a no-brainer, right?? I have a roller bottle fitment on the top of this one so I can directly apply it to my wrists and behind my ears when I'm feeling a bit apprehensive or anxious. About to head out to a day of showings and open houses? Put on your Stress Away so you don't have to feel overwhelmed at the day ahead.

2. Cedarwood - This is my focus oil, and I used it quite a bit when I needed to sit down with my husband and look at numbers, or while on the phone with our lender working out what we could afford. It really helps you pay attention so you don't waste time on distraction or risk making a mistake because you've lost focus.

3. Bergamot - Bergamot is an oil that is kind of new to me, but its quickly become one of my favorites. I hadn't ever heard of it, but turns out its a citrus fruit, and for me, citrus oils are super happy oils. I also used Orange and Citrus Fresh oils when I was feeling a little down about the crazy market here and they really helped me to get my mind right so I was on top of my game when a new listing came up-had to be ready to go see it right away!

4. Panaway - After a marathon Saturday of open houses, I had some back and foot discomfort, so I broke out my Panaway for a relaxing massage. I felt a ton better and could have gone to quite a few more houses!

5. Frankincense - This oil kept me grounded and sane during the process, and was one of my most used oils in my diffuser necklace. Frankincense keeps you grounded, so you are able to keep yourself from biting off a bit more than you can chew (or afford!) during your home search. When we were thinking about what to offer on that dream house I mentioned earlier, using Frankincense helped me keep my head on straight so we didn't offer more than we could comfortably afford, no matter how much we loved the house or how much we were actually pre-approved for.

In the end, we got a fantastic deal on a great home for us-our inspection was remarkably clear and for first time home buyers, that's something really important. We will learn and grow in this house, and maybe later on, we can take on something that needs a little more love, but this house is perfect for us right now.

I just need to get more diffusers. ;)

How to get started with essential oils: