How to Make Your Wedding Clients Rave About You This Valentine's Day

Do you remember Valentine's Day back in elementary school, when we customized brown lunch bags to collect the valentines our classmates would give us? I remember year after year, diving in and trying to find the one from whatever boy I had a crush on that year. I knew there would be one of course, because if you brought one valentine, you had to bring one for everyone (or so the school dictated.) 

Even though I knew that rule, I was still incredibly excited to "read between the lines" of the Valentine my crush put in my bag. It didn't matter to me that every other girl in class got one from him, what mattered to me is that I got one, and it made me feel special. (Oh, to be young again.)

3 really easy ways to make your wedding clients go crazy about you - great marketing strategy for Valentine's Day, and also for any holiday or random time you want to surprise and delight your clients

Your clients love to feel special, too

Your wedding clients are the same. Logically they know that they are not your only client. They know you have many other couples out there who are equally deserving of your time and attention. But still, they need those extra care touch points from you. They really want to feel like they are your only clients, and that you are focused solely on them. When you can do this successfully, those clients are way more likely to refer you.

A really easy way to maintain those touch points with your clients is to send them something every once in awhile that lets them know you're thinking about them. Especially for vendors like photographers, it can be a long time in between when they book you and the actual wedding, and its easy for them to feel like they've slipped through the cracks. After all, you are the only one they booked and know.

Every time you add a special, unexpected touch point with your clients, you are helping to make sure that your clients are so dang happy with you that they just can't stop talking about how amazing you are. By showing them that you care about more than just making money form their wedding, you are going above and beyond their expectations, and that's just the kind of thing that gets talked about.

Send them a card!

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to sprinkle in one of these touch points with your clients. Its a holiday all about love, and for most, will be the only one they ever spend as a fiance. What a perfect opportunity to remind them that they matter to you too, that you're thinking of them, and that you're so looking forward to their wedding.

Few things make more impact than getting a handwritten card or letter via snail mail (who doesn't love getting that??) But if you've got more than a handful of clients, this can be a huge time suck. Enter handwriting by robots. 

Robots who do handwriting?

Ah, technology. Yes, this is actually a thing! Some amazingly smart engineers have created robots that will take a message you've typed on your computer or device and will use actual pen and paper to write it out, seal it, stamp it, and mail it. That way, all you need to do is input the information, type out your message, and you're good to go. You've just created an extra special touch point with your clients that they will remember, and it didn't even take you that much time (nor break the bank!)

Here are my three favorite handwriting services:

Bond - No, not James Bond, but just as classy. Bond is fantastic for sending out stationary cards with your name or logo at the top on nice, thick cardstock paper. You can send your notes individually for $5 per, or buy some in advance starting at $3.75 per, with add-ons like digitizing your own handwriting or signature. This service would also be good for sending a welcome note when a client signs their contract or sends in their deposit.

Handwrytten: For a more casual flair, Handwrytten is great for sending out actual greeting cards with your handwritten words inside. Prices start at $3 including tax and postage, so its a perfect solution when you have a lot of clients. Its also more casual than Bond.

MailLift: Are letters more your style instead of cards? This is the service for you. You can send single letters starting at $6 per, and the cool thing about this service is that all letters are written by actual humans, not robots! 

Whichever route you choose, even if you choose to do all the writing yourself, don't let Valentine's Day slip by this year without taking a moment to check in with your clients and let them know how much you appreciate them and are looking forward to their weddings.

Super easy ways to make wedding clients happy this Valentine's Day. Who knew surprising and delighting our wedding couples could be so simple? I love raving clients!