What to Wear When Working From Home to Increase Productivity

Picture this: its your first day of working from home full time. You've just quit your corporate job, and you've taken your side hustle to your main gig. You wake up, shower, and get ready for a day of super productivity doing what you love.

Spoiler alert - this is so not the way it really happens.

Especially for people just coming from corporate, the lack of structure when working from home can almost be overwhelming. What usually happens is that you wake up, don't shower, and pull out your laptop wearing the jammies you slept in, and get to work. It can get especially bad on the days you're not seeing anyone.

This is not only a terrible hygiene habit to get into, but it can seriously lower your productivity. Think about the difference in how you feel wearing last night's pjs instead of being freshly showered and wearing something clean?

I'm absolutely not suggesting that you need to get dressed up to work from home in any way (unless you have a meeting or video call!) but you should think about elevating you work at home wardrobe a bit to help you separate work time from fun time.

What should you wear when you work from home? This blog post is full of great advice and ideas!

Elevated Sweatpants

Ever heard of "dress up sweatpants"? Neither had I, until I made it up. The idea here is that you can absolutely still wear super comfortable clothes, but make a differentiation between the ones you wear while you're working and the ones you relax in. When I first went full time working from home, I invested a small amount of money in comfortable clothes that I only wear while I'm working. Even though they are casual, oversized pieces, I always change out of them as soon as I am done working for the day, just like I would if I were coming home from work, and I don't wear them when just lounging around. Here are some of the pieces I bought and recommend:

Comfy Tshirts and Cardigans

The same rules apply here as with the above - only wear these when you are working, and not while lounging around. It helps keep your work life separate, which is really important for keeping your productivity up. The bonus with these pieces is that you can wear these to client meetings or on video calls as well, paired with some sweatpants from above! I also wear these when working outside of the house, like at a coffee shop or library, when I want to change up the pace. Here are some of the the sweaters and tshirt I'm wearing and loving right now:

Dresses and Nicer Pants

In the event you actually need to go outside the house and have a more formal meeting, are doing some networking, or even just filming a video, you need something a little nicer to wear than sweatpants. These are still comfy to wear, especially paired with a cardigan from above, and will help get you in a productive work mindset. I like to wear these when on discovery calls with new clients even when they can't see me because when you feel good, you project that and it makes a difference in the way I speak and my level of confidence.

More Work From Home Wardrobe Inspiration

Need some more inspiration? Be sure to check out my Pinterest board on the subject and get some more ideas for what you can wear while working from home to increase your productivity! 

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