Need more freedom in your wedding business?

Does keeping up with your wedding business sometimes feel like a piloting a submarine dotted with holes, with water slowly filling the inside? Have you tried different strategies here and there that let you feel more in control for a bit, but that sinking feeling just comes right on back? Do you wonder how many new amazing clients you are missing because you are already too busy with more administrative things?

Let me help you!

Hi, I'm Alyssa Johnson - a married dog mama who is a native of San Diego, but currently living in and loving Seattle. Former wedding photographer for more than 7 years.

I'd love to help you save your sanity, get back your time freedom, and help you focus on actually working on your wedding business!

Who I work with:

I help busy full-time wedding professionals achieve organization, streamlining, and automation so they can keep a steady flow of new leads coming in and not lose those potential clients because of lack of communication.


Thank you so much for your interest, but I am not currently taking on new clients.

Here are some ways I can help:

wedding photographer assistant

Blog Management


Once the blog post is written, there is much more to be done - formatting images and creating pinnable graphics, proofreading and editing, scheduling and sharing with other vendors...I can help with everything that comes after the first draft.

wedding coordinator assistant

Social Media Management


You know you need to be using social media to promote yourself, but where do you find the time to create a content calendar, source ideas for things engaged couples actually want to hear about, and most importantly, be consistent about it? Let me take care of these for you so you can get yourself back to your wedding work.

Wedding officiant assistant

Client Experience Management

Are you missing out on amazing new clients because you just don't have the time to respond to emails in a timely manner? I can help you manage the new client process as well as take care of your current clients so you can spend more time doing wedding work, not client busy work.

Easy wedding vendor website

Squarespace Website Setup & Design

Are you brand new in your wedding business, but have no idea where to even start a website, or how you could maintain it once its done? I can set up a brand new simple Squarespace website for you, then teach you how to update it once its done with their simple drag and drop interface. This one is both catching the first fish for you AND teaching you how to catch the rest on your own.